The Education Centre (EC) Activities


We build tremors destroyed and damaged old buildings of government primary schools. Every single
step right from identifying the school to environment viability goes through rigorous check and surveys.
The various phases of survey of old school include knowing about the requirement of the:
o Primary School and Number of Students Land availability
o Viability
o Location
o Review, scrutiny and sanction by Government and
o Support of Villagers


We raise awareness and solicit participation to identify schools whose buildings have
been either damaged or deteriorated beyond repair. Solicit the participation of the
villagers of the concerned village in constructing a new building for their school. After
receiving the required clearance from the state government, Life Institute Centre
organizes the foundation stone laying ceremony for the new school building. The
foundation stone is laid by the donor/s or member of the donor family in the presence
of the villagers.


The state-of-the-art school building constructed by Life Institute Centre adheres to the highest
standards of building and construction engineering.
An RCC frame forms the contours of the building. good facilities for ventilation and natural lighting. A
typical classroom has a carpet area of 400 sq. ft. and a total built-up area of 700 sq. ft. The height of
the roof from the floor is around 12 feet, with windows allowing adequate ventilation. Separate toilet
blocks for girls and boys, provision of drinking water, sports equipment, playground, compound-wall,
etc. for a part of every school built by Life Institute Centre.
As they realize that the new building is likely to improve the overall learning experience of their children,
villagers happily collaborate to make the project their own. They welcome guests in the traditional way,
and students perform cultural events that form a part of the ceremony.


The program aims to provide an opportunity for students to express and showcase their hidden
talents and to develop sportsmanship spirit among them. It also provides a platform enabling the
students to explore their skills and creativity with their exclusive talents.
These programs are organized once a year in all the schools built by Life Institute Centre.
The Life Institute Centre organizes various competitions for elocution, essay writing, fancy dress,
singing and dancing, quiz competitions etc. Sports and games are also organized in the schools, and
prizes are distributed to the winners.


The program was initiated to ensure better and effective functioning of the academic infrastructure
of Government Primary Schools developed by Life Institute Centre. These schools are provided with
much needed educational materials as under:
• Public Announcement System
• R.O. Plant (for safe and pure drinking water)
• Computers
• Musical Instrument
• Sports Equipment
• Bicycles (for the girl students to reach the school from far off distance)
• Hygiene Kits
• CCTV Camera
Besides that, other educational aids like school kits, framed photographs of great personalities,
reference books, flex banners on moral education, books of moral values for the library, and toys to
boost the interest of the students are also provided.

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