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“If your plan is for ten years, Plant Trees, if your plan is for one hundred years, Educate Children.”

Primary education is the foundation for any personal, social and economic development of the nation. Education is extremely important. More important is the basic education which lays the foundation for growth of any human being. The main purpose of instituting Life Education Centre (LEC) is to provide quality primary education to the deprived children in the interior rural region of the South Sudan. LEC is committed to the cause of promotion of education with an ultimate aim of achieving excellence in education through holistic development of the students by implementing various measures. The movement took shape after the South Sudan civil war destroying majority school buildings. The idea was to nurture the primary students of rural regions to become global leaders and responsible citizens by imparting high quality education. We firmly believe that it’s the duty of a civilized society to provide quality education with basic infrastructure to every child. LEC is committed to the cause of education and continuously initiates and executes educational program for the student community. It regularly conducts faculty development program, executes talent hunt events and provides educational kits to the students.


Support and enhance primary education by transforming old school buildings into new state-of-the-art primary schools, providing educational aid and equipment for the development of the students and community.

 “Creativity is the key to success in the future and Primary Education is where we can bring creativity in children.”

It is not just about building more classrooms, it is about covering the entire spectrum from providing comprehensive infrastructure to quality education and inculcating a spirit of science in every student. It is not just about numbers, it is about minimizing drop-outs, correcting the gender-imbalance and providing increased opportunities to the beneficiary students. It is about building an entire ecosystem where the focus is to bring the best of quality education.


To transform existing infrastructure for excellence in education in interior rural areas of Gujarat State.


Teachers’ Training Program (TTP)

We understand that trained teachers are more effective as they are capable of imparting education in a better way. The teachers are trained in various techniques and updated methods of teaching through organized programs with the aim of improving the quality of education for teaching various subjects.

Primary School Infrastructure Development Program (PSIDP)

The conflicts of 2013 left a trail of destruction behind. The loss of lives and property damage were unprecedented in the history of South Sudan. Houses and schools came crashing down. 2 0 2 2 The Education Centre (EC) is committed to providing the state-of-the-art infrastructure of government primary schools situated in interior rural areas of South Sudan. The EC pledged to build 108 schools and five primary health centers (PHC), of which we have dedicated 90 schools and five PHC to the nation and laid the foundation stone for the 94th school. The crusade is continuing…

Holistic Development

Science is a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable
explanations and predictions about the universe, but many find difficulties in understanding the
subject because of a lack of practical approach. with the aim of inculcating inquisitiveness and a
scientific approach.
• To generate inquisitiveness and curiosity among children towards science,
• To cultivate an interest in and aptitude for science.
• To provide students with hands-on experience with science and its applications

The major reason behind the success of this program is its focus on active learning rather than traditional

“Technology will not replace great teachers, but technology in the hands of great teachers can be
The Education Centre started the Digital Learning Program with the aim of providing facilities through a
digital learning system through Smart Class and computers to the rural children of South Sudan to
enhance their ability for smart learning in school.
• Improving the learning abilities and skills of students through Smart Classrooms
• Providing a basic information technology platform in rural areas.
• Contributing to the teachers’ training program for upgrading teaching methods.
• Improving teachers’ and students’ knowledge, understanding, and skills.
• Increasing teachers’ and students’ interest and curiosity about teaching and learning.

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