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Would you like to help those in need while seeing the world? Have you ever wanted to volunteer in South Sudan? South Sudan is a great country to volunteer and travel in. Though amazingly beautiful, South Sudan is still a developing country, with the typical problems facing much of the third world. Poor economic diversity, lack of opportunity and education, along with rapid population growth, all conspire to keep half of the population living in poverty. Unfortunately, this affects poor communities, children, and women the most. Today, many local organizations work to help poor communities, women and children desperately need volunteers more than ever. There are many volunteer opportunities In Life institute Centre for you to get involved with and make a difference through. You can teach in schools, serve in medical clinics, or offer support in orphanages or help in an HIV/AIDS awareness program. No matter what program you join, you will have the opportunity to share your passion, and change the lives of others while changing your own.

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