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Empowering women is the only way to strengthen society. In our community, women have faced a range of structural and social barriers in fully participating in the South Sudanese economy, which not only hinders their individual growth but also limits our nation’s ability to continue to modernize. Women’s empowerment is about providing women with knowledge rather than securing their fundamental rights. In South Sudan, 70% of the population lives in rural regions that are deprived of economic and social benefits. In South Sudan, one in every 14 women is a widow. About 68% of widows live in rural regions, and 75% of the rural population survives on just INR 33 per day. The socio-economic imbalance deprives most rural women of fundamental rights. Empowering women through skill development is the key to poverty reduction and social upliftment with manifold impacts on personal development, family subsistence, children’s education, decision-making, gender equality and respect. Women do not get equal opportunities to earn a livelihood compared to men. Women’s empowerment helps women to build up their earning capacity, creating a unique identity through gender equality.

Women’s Empowerment endeavors to make a positive impact on the lives of widows and women who are below the poverty line (BPL) and provide them with the opportunity to pursue their dreams so that they can live their lives with dignity and become self-reliant, which they really deserve.


To impart vocational training to more than 12,000 women to make them self-sustaining and self-employed.


To provide a graceful social and financial status to women of below poverty line (BPL) families in Gujarat by making them self-reliant.

Our Programmes

WEC helps train women for self-defence. This is done with guidance from Share & Care Foundation, USA, along with coordination and support from the local police department. The 21-day training is imparted by a martial trainer from the police department.

The 3-month long training costs around SSP.150,00/-per woman. On successful completion of training, these women start earning an average of SSP.50,000/-per month. In this way, the training expenses are recovered within 3 months, suggesting a very high SROI.

After training, each empowered woman earns, on an average, SSP.50,000/-per month. This translates to SSP 600,000/-per year. Assuming her earning life for the next 30 years, her total earnings are estimated to be SSP.18 million. With the 7400 women that we have trained so far, their combined incomes come to nearly SSP.110 billion. This then becomes not only a matter of self-respect and dignity for the women, but also a significant contribution to the country’s GDP. 

We call upon experts for counseling, who provide guidance and direction by arranging group discussion and focused group interaction with trainee women and creating awareness regarding the importance of economic and emotional independence, women’s power, and gender equality.

A seminar/workshop is organized for the women where we call upon bank officers to explain the importance of finance and budgeting and small savings to meet up with household expenses and encourage them to open up savings bank accounts. They are also trained to operate the account and other necessary banking formalities for their regular banking transactions.


Milestone of Life Women Empowerment Centre

The Women’s Development Award (2010-11) for the outstanding contribution by an organization in the field of women’s empowerment was awarded on March 31st, 2012 in Ahmedabad by the august hands of Shri Narendra Modi, then the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Gujarat. A real award for us is the feedback we gets from our satisfied stakeholders, which keeps us going through more and more meaningful ways to sustain progressively.

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